Service Assessments, simply invaluable!

Do you have preconceived ideas about assessments?

“It is just a snapshot.”

“Too expensive and not enough results.”

“Only necessary for upper management.”

Service College specialises in developing assessments for various job roles in service organisations. Over 25 years experience in service and more than 6,000 trained service professionals make Service College a specialist in assessing the competencies of the candidate.
One of the assessments we regularly conduct is the Technical Service Assessment. It was specifically developed to objectively assess the technical basics and expert knowledge of a service technician.


A Technical Service Assessment will save time, money and energy. Using this assessment in recruitment and selection procedures makes it possible to avoid hiring a candidate who looked suitable on paper and during the interview, but turned out in practice not to be suitable at all. It avoids the risk of dissatisfied clients, capacity issues and less motivated colleagues if you have to look for a suitable candidate again a few months later. Avoid these pitfalls by investing in professional assessment of your current or potential employee! It’s an absolute necessity.

Our clients are very enthusiastic about the Technical Service Assessment. They regularly use it and have rated it highly.

Marco Krol, Systems Support Manager at Roche Diagnostics, explains why they opted for a Technical Service Assessment from Service College:

“The results of the Technical Service Assessments, conducted by Service College, continue to positively surprise us. Since 2014, we have been using these assessments regularly – in recruitment and selection as well as during internal restructuring. They are also useful for working out and putting together individual development and training programmes. We process the extensive and clear reports of Service College into a matrix, which gives a clear overview.

The quality of the assessment, as well as the speed and accuracy, make the Technical Service Assessments highly valuable to us. In addition to the report, we also have access to the additional option to brainstorm with the assessor about the candidates. Service College’s many years of experience in training service technicians makes them a professional and reliable sparring partner and advisor.
The behavioural observations of Service College have been spot-on each and every time and have been invaluable to us.

The confidence we have in this Technical Service Assessment gives us the option to focus less on the technical aspects during job interviews and instead zoom in on the person applying. This will give us a better overall impression of the candidates and enables us to make the right choice. The Technical Service Assessment can be used at a later time for development in specific technical areas, since we all stand to benefit from acquiring more knowledge.”

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